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who is this rudderless hippie?

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Birthdate:Mar 19
Website:My Fic
I am a complete freak. I am in love with Erik. That is all.

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acting, alice cooper, ancient egypt, anglican, antiquated swearwords, art, batman the animated series, beauty and the beast, beetlejuice, black books, blackadder, bloom county, bobby driscoll, books, british accents, british comedy, canada, cats, celtic music, charles dickens, christianity, christopher walken, church of england, citizen kane, classic rock, cleris, cloud strife, cowboy bebop, dance, daredevil, dark angel, david bowie, denis leary, disney, drawing, dremora, drop dead fred, dylan moran, ed wood, egyptian mythology, england, english history, erik, faeries, fanfiction, fantasy, fedoras, film, final fantasy vii, forensics, fourth doctor, french, ftumch, fullmetal alchemist, glamrock, glitter, goblins, god, hannibal/clarice, heart of darkness, hedwig&the angry inch, hellboy, history, how to be, illya kuryakin, ireland, irish accents, it's-not-even-fucking-raining, jack the ripper, jack/elizabeth, jareth, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, keanu reeves, kings, labyrinth, lentils, leslie howard, logan cale, loki/jane, macbeth, masks, masquerade balls, max/logan, men in kilts, michael weatherly, mirrormask, monty python, mozart, mst3k, music, musicals, mythology, ncis, nuriko/miaka, old movies, oprah noodlemantra, orson welles, phantom of the opera, pinkies up, pirates of the caribbean, platform shoes, poetry, poshness, priestnomnomnom, procrastination, reading, red wine, rik mayall, robert pattinson, rocky horror picture show, royalty, ryan reynolds, saving the world, shakespeare, singing, star trek, star wars, sweeney todd, the goons, the philadelphia story, the princess bride, the sentimental conversation, the young ones, theatre, tim curry, time travel, tom baker's scarf, tom waits, tony/abby, tony/kate, twelve kingdoms, vampire pomeranians, van wilder, writing, wuthering heights, yuugiou
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